Plan Progress
Education Strategies
Establishment the School got Excellence in Educational Development (SEED) A
Enhancement of the Soka Core Program and systematization of liberal arts education A
Launch of the Global Citizenship Program (GCP) A
Improvement of the learning and student portfolio A
Establishment of courses that develop writing skills and communication skills A
Enhancing “Career courses” A
Expansion of E-learning contents within and outside of campus D
Enhancement of pre-enrollment study programs D
Further development of University Studies and Soka Education courses (SOKA program 21) A
Creation of a roadmap for curriculum reforms A
Establishment of courses developing both language skills and non-language skills utilizing placement tests C
Start of campus tours led by students A
Establishment of the Social Work major A
Establishment of courses requiring a junior paper at the end of the 3rd year C
Launch of Learning Commons, Student Performance Acceleration Center (SPACe) A
Launch of the Faculty of Nursing C
Development of active learning that generates interest in further learning C
Launch of the Faculty of International Liberal Arts D
Establishment of the Faculty of Science and Engineering D
Establishment of the First-Year Education Promotion Bureau D
Development of general education courses nurturing competencies demanded in the 21st century C
Reorganization of undergraduate faculties P
Launch of 5-year combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program D
Reforms on high school and university articulation and admissions D
Establishment of an environment for the new development of ICT education P
Plan Progress
Research Strategies
The start of MEXT- Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities D
Start of the Next Generation Joint Research project D
University-wide implementation of priority-based allocation of university research funds D
Introduction of on-campus research subsidy system D
To start the Faculty Comprehensive Performance Assessment A
Formulation of the guidelines for FD activities in 2011 and onwards C
Development and improvement of a screening system by the Institutional Review Board for Human Research D
Strengthening the function of the Soka Education Research Institute D
Reformation of the graduate school P
Strengthening measures to prevent fraudulent research activities D
Obtaining more competitive research funds D
Launch of the Research Promotion Center D
Holding the Soka Education International Conference P
Plan Progress
Student Support Strategies
Full implementation of the smoke-free campus policy C
Full implementation of the student attendance management system A
Establishment of the University-wide Career Committee C
Implementation of the "Determine-Your-Provisional-Career-Path System" A
Specifying a numerical target for career outcomes rate D
Provision of support to apartment and commuting students A
Implementation of the Student Dormitory Advisory System D
Expansion of scholarship programs A
Enactment of the Student Life Policy A
Shuttle bus service between Shinjuku and Soka University A
Strengthening communication skills of faculty and staff members D
Announcement and implementation of the Guidelines on Student Extracurricular Activities D
Internationalization of student dormitories C
100 yen breakfast service A
Provision of support for the job placement or further schooling of students who intend to return to their hometown after graduation D
Strengthening the expansion of support for students’ employability D
Learning and career support for international students D
Plan Progress
International Strategies
Expansion of education programs with overseas universities A
Installment of the Japan Studies Center A
The Enhancement of the “Japan Studies Program” classes held in English A
Provision of the “Short- term Japanese Language and Japanese Culture Study Program” A
Establishment of Study Abroad Courses for students with intermediate English proficiency D
Expansion of accredited study abroad programs C
Expansion for dispatching international students D
Expansion of accepting international students D
Launch of the English for Study Abroad (ESA) program C
Launch of the English for Career Development (ECD) program C
Implementation of overseas dispatch of students through ISEP( International Student Exchange Program) C
Participation in multilateral inter-university network D
Holding commemorative events with overseas partner institutions D
Pre-arrival Admission System / Admission with conditions A
Establishment of overseas offices (Korea etc.) D
Internationalization of faculty and staff composition D
Launch of the Global Core Center C
Provision of syllabi in English A
Deliberation on “domestic cultural experience programs” C
Expansion of scholarship programs for international students A
Development of English-Track (English-medium) programs A
Project to promote the use of English for university internal documents C
Establish the Graduate School of Peace and Global Citizen Education Research P
Plan Progress
Correspondence Education
Reforms on correspondence education system A
Establishment of the Learning Support Services, etc. A
Establishment of the Soka Core Program implementing the new curriculum A
Utilization of e-learning for learning outside of classes P
Establishment of Correspondence Education Faculty of Letters P
Plan Progress
PR planning・Stakeholder Provision
Promoting branding initiatives C
Launch of the Stakeholder Coordination Promotion Bureau P
Revamping of the university website A
Active dissemination of information/Active disclosure of information C
Strengthening internal communication D
Development of the Branding Strategy 2015-2020 C
Fortifying the department serving for the alumni (Alumni Relations Department) D
Completion of the “History of the founding 50 years” P
Commemorative ceremony of the founding 50th anniversary P
Plan Progress
Administration Management Planning
Establishment of risk management system D
Strengthening compliance A
Establishment of the Graduate School Council A
Establishment of the University Education and Research Council A
Launch of President's Office meetings A
Review of the Staff Performance Assessment System D
Restructuring of the administration system D
Preparation room for support of female faculty A
Strengthening the governance of the operational management (swifter decision-making/reorganization/streamlining) D
Plan Progress
Campus・Finance Planning
Establishment and improvement of on-campus information infrastructure A
Strengthening the function of the library as an information base A
Establishment of the General Construction Committee and campus renovation and restructuring A
Establishment of the Financial Plan Study Committee C
The project of building the educational complex Global Square A
Formulation of a mid-to-long term financial plan P
45th Anniversary Donation Project A
Implementation of the 50th Anniversary Donation Project P